- As a breeder for Akita-Inu -

By Koji Shirai
I opened a pet shop in a department store in Kisarazu city, Chiba prefecture, on September
20th,1969, after my resignation from the trading company for which I had worked long
In that new general pet shop, I handled various kinds of pets shuch as birds, tropical fish, small
animals, carps, etc.
I have had no experience of managing a pet shop before and naturally, I was very busy,
day after day.
I love living thing. This passion drove me to open a pet store.
One day, my veterinatian suggested that I should handle dogs at my shop and that was my
first opportunity to meet Akita-Inu
Since then, I have been fascinated with the charm of Akita-Inu, worthy of the name of true
Japanese dog.
Five years later, I sold the pet shop to my friend, and now I handle Akita-Inu and Shiba-Inu only.


Let me introduce the names of some of my masterpiece of Akita-Inu


Hokuto - go (Akiho 79)
Daido - go (Akiho 79)
Miyako homare - go (Akiho 80)
Kojyo - go (Akiho82)
Hide tora - go (Akiho 86)
Tora fuku ryu - go (Akiho 87)
Kuro hime - go ( Akiho 91)
Kourin-go (Akiho98)
Kanto biryu-go(Akiho 01)

Prevent the copy or forgery of pedigree, it is not full number
after the name. If you are interested in, please mail me or
fax to the headquarter!! Thank you.

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