Needless to say, I have bred many Akitas in addition to the above, but since my main concern is
to breed better quality of Akita-Inu and devoted myself to breeding, I do not have detailed
records of all Akita-Inu I bred.
In the past, I won first place and many high-ranking prizes from both the Akita-Inu Preservation
Society Headquarters Exhibition, and local branch sponsored shows.
Besides my own breeding job, I have discovered excellent Akitas which had not been known
at National Akita Shows before and made them nationally famous.
Also, as an instructor for breeding, I have contributed a lot to produce excellent male and female
Akitas for several generations.

Typical names of Akita-Inu of my breeding are:

Hou unryu go(Akiho 75)
Kotetsu go(Akiho83)
Kaizan go(Akiho83)
Koshu go(Akiho84)
Zuikaku go(Akiho85)
Tochi hiryu go(Akiho85)
Tochi no shogun go(Akiho86)
Kaizan taro go(86)
Dai etsu go(Akiho87)
Koshu go(Akiho87)
Ryukaku go(Akiho89)
Hokuseiryu go(Akiho89)
Toun go(Akiho90)
Tougoku go(Akiho90)
Daiunjyo go(Akiho90)
Kouzan go(Akiho91)
Kyumeimaru go (Akiho91)
Naniwa no Torazo go( Akiho92)
Toun go(Akiho92)
Kita no tenko go(Akio93)
Daiji go(Akiho93)
Tou maru go(Akiho93)
Riki ou-go (Akiho 97)
Hikaru genji-go(Akiho 97)

The above Akita-Inu, male or female, are conspicuous in the market.